Oliver Barefoot

Co-Founder And Weekday Editor

Proud co-founder of One2Football and owner of BareJournalism. Currently studying journalism at The University of Sheffield. 

I hope you like our work!

Kieran Horn 

Co-Founder and Weekend Editor

2nd year UOG sports Journalism student, love Spurs, hate Enic and live by the fact that Moussa Dembele is undoubtedly the greatest midfielder of our generation.

Nathan Smith 

Co-Founder and 

Weekend Editor

Proud co-founder of One2Football and second year football journalism student at the University of Derby. Look forward to sharing stories from all levels of the beautiful game.

University of Sheffield journalism student.

 Leicester fan so used to surprises. 

Luke Declan

Weekly Writer 

Journalism student at the University of Sheffield, and can normally be found despairing at Man City’s defending.

John Gilding

Weekly Writer 

 Journalism student at Sheffield uni, Arsenal fan, and worlds best fantasy football player!

Arthur Barratt

Weekly Writer 


A freelance contributor that covers the social issues within the game, as well as reporting on my beloved Charlton Athletic.

Robert Gammon

 Weekly Writer 

Just an ordinary Filipino Chelsea fan with a love for football and writing opinions on the game.

Dominick Mark M. Galicia


1st-year student studying Sports Journalism at UOG, avid Chelsea supporter, looking forward to sharing my views and opinions.

Sam Collins


Sports Journalism student at UoG. Usually find me watching liquid football with my beloved Cardiff (normally from the other team).

James Williams


Freelance football writer covering the weird and wonderful EFL.

Dan Evans

Weekly Writer 

Sports Journalism student at UOG. Wycombe fan despairing at not being able to fully enjoy our greatest season.

Jamie Cameron

Weekly Writer 

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