• Alejo Parada


It was an amazing weekend for Manchester United fans, with the return of one of their greatest players and a solid victory against Newcastle.

But the comeback of Cristiano Ronaldo to Old Trafford it’s not only a reason for happiness, but it’s also a motive to create higher expectations for this season.

Big titles have been elusive for Manchester United for nearly ten years, the last Premier League title was in 2013 and the last UCL was in 2008, both under the leadership of Sir Alex Ferguson.

They have had a good start in the league, ten out of twelve points and they share the lead with Liverpool and Chelsea. It´s expected that Ole Gunnar Solskjær's team will fight for the PL title, but the race for Champions League glory is a more difficult task.

The first challenge will be visiting the weakest team of the group, Young Boys from Switzerland, a team that reached the group stage of UCL after facing three play-offs rounds.

In the Swiss Superleague, they are in 4th place and last weekend they achieved an amazing victory 4-0 against the leader, FC Zurich.

Looking into the squad that travels to Switzerland, United should have no problem in winning this match.

Paul Pogba in his current form, Ronaldo as great as usual and Bruno Fernandes continuing his last season performance should be enough against a team that hasn't made it through the UCL group stage in over sixty years.

The group is completed with Atalanta and Villareal. United’s squad has an enormous advantage against these teams too, but they are teams who have defied expectations in the last few seasons.

Man Utd lost against Villareal in the last UEL final, so there is proof enough to say that they can’t be overconfident but they will be looking to continue their domestic form in European competition.

With their stars at a high level, it is easy to imagine an incredible season for this great team, but it is only a matter of time to know for sure what this Manchester United team can really achieve.