• Alejo Parada


“No me pasan la pelota” (“They don’t pass me the ball”), were the words that Sergio Agüero used after the final whistle in Manchester City's 2-0 victory against Borussia Mönchengladbach.

It could be surprising that the most important player in The Citizens' history is not having a good time, but with the team in great shape coming off a seventeen game unbeaten streak and dreams of a quadruple still intact, Aguero’s unhappiness is not as surprising as you think.

First of all, the complaint wasn’t completely mistaken, he played 18 minutes in the match and his participation was really limited, he only touched three balls and he had no shots.

Apart from the last match, Agüero’s discomfort comes from a long time ago, the fact that his contract ends this year and he is yet to receive a new contract offer from the club.

On the other hand, the Argentinean has struggled to perform this season which could possibly be, the worst year in Agüero’s career, as he has only played 14 games this season, starting just in 5, and scoring only 3 goals.

Plus in the years Guardiola has been the manager from Manchester City Agüero was never his favourite striker, multiple times he used players like Gabriel Jesus or even offensive midfielders as forwards instead of the Argentinian and right now it seems like the team don’t really need him.

The Citizens are still far from the end of the season and but they look set to have a successful season, as they are currently leading the Premier League, into quarter-finals Champions League and looking stronger and stronger as weeks go by, but their hero is not having a great time and different teams are expecting to make an attempt to sign him next season.

Joan Laporta, the new president of FC Barcelona, has a plan to convince Messi to stay in his club and Agüero could be important in that plan in case he decides to sign with the Spanish club.

To the Barcelona interest, we have to add the interest from Chelsea and PSG, but the future of the Argentinian is truly uncertain and it seems like the answers won’t arrive until the end of the season.