• Oliver Barefoot


Updated: Mar 5, 2021

This article couldn't be more relevant following the news that a football fan has been pretending to be an Arsenal player whilst on holiday. The unnamed man has been taking pictures with football fans, after claiming to be an Arsenal player.

This definitely isn't the first time people have mistakenly identified people though, with rumours suggesting that everyone has at least one doppelgänger in the world.

Whether that is true or not, these five footballers definitely do! Check out these five footballers and their Hollywood lookalikes:

1) Karim Benzema and Shia Labeouf

From the haircut to the wrinkles on their foreheads, the Real Madrid and France goalscorer is a spitting image of Transformer star Shia Labeouf.

Just look at them!

Can we get a DNA test please because these are twins!

2) Joe Hart and James Van Der Beek

Finally an answer to the question we've all been looking for.... what happened to England's No1 Joe Hart?

Going off this picture, his drop in form could be down to it not being him! Maybe Joe and James swapped careers?

I mean one minute Joe Hart was hot property and the next well... you know.

The only question now is, who did Tottenham really sign this summer? Joe or James!

3) Olivier Giroud and Errol Flynn

The second French striker on our list.

Now despite looking so similar, there are no chances of these swapping bodies, with Errol sadly passing away 27-years before Giroud was born.

However, the Chelsea striker himself did once compare himself to the Australian-born actor.

Not a bad doppelgänger to have!

4) Neil Warnock and Mrs Doubtfire

Image Credit: MFC and MovieFone

Firstly apologies to Mrs Doubtfire. Hehe.

In all seriousness though, WOW! Whether or not Robin Williams make up artists meant to base the look off of Neil Warnock is still unknown, but the similarities are definitely there.

And for all you saying he isn't a player. True. But he was and this was too good to miss.

5) Jack Wilshere and Eleven

Add a bleeding nose and a dirty pink top to Wilshere and what do you get? If you said Eleven from 'Stranger Things' then correct!

Whether it is the 'I want to kill you' eyes or the strong jaw, I don't know, but this may rival Neil Warnock and Mrs Doubtfire as the weirdest on this list.

One thing these two do have in common though is being cursed. Wilshere with his injuries and Eleven with her powers.