• Oliver Barefoot



Chino's, PSY, Facebook and now Jurgen Klopp. All trends must come to an end.

Don't act surprised we all know its true, Klopp's days at Liverpool are numbered. But don't be sad Liverpool fans, rejoice! This is good news, because Klopp will never win another Premier League title with Liverpool Football Club again.

Most fans are stuck in the past, but its time to wake up! Yes you won the 2018/19 Champions League and the Premier League last season, but as you've all be saying persistently to Manchester United fans since you crawled out of the wood work two season ago, you can't live on past success!

And now as your anger takes over and your face glows an Anfield red, or you're laughing in denial, do read on, because six straight home defeats means you've got a fire roaring inside your club and this should help put it out.


Basic? Yes. But that's because it's the best choice.

Now let's not get ahead of ourselves, I can't envisage Steven Gerrard coming in and winning the league in his first season. That won't happen. Just look at Lampard's time at Chelsea if you want evidence.

Steven Gerrard could do with more time growing his CV, there is no doubt in that, but Klopp must go come the seasons end.

I will be the first to reluctantly admit that Klopp has done wonders at Liverpool. A Champions League and Premier League trophy in two years is no easy feat and he will forever go down as one of Liverpool's greatest managers, but now it's time to move on.

I'd say quit while your ahead, but your form clearly shows you are several loses past that.

Klopp looks tired and out of ideas. His high energy, upbeat persona has turned sour. He now seems aggressive, agitated and worn out. Just ask Sean Dyche about Klopp's bad temper, or the thousands of fans watching Sky Sports live when Klopp's Liverpool lost to Burnley back in January.

His explosive tunnel bust up marked Liverpool's first Premier League home defeat in 68 matches, a record that has well and truly been obliterated in recent games.

But as one manager seemingly looks to have lost the wheel, another one in the shape of Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard looks firmly in control of his side, as the Ex-England captain led Scottish Premiership side Rangers to their first title win in 10 years.

Now yes this move would be very premature, especially as this is Gerrard's first trophy as a manager and all mangers need time to perfect their trade.

However, it is a matter of when and not if the club legend will take the reigns at his old club and that it self creates its own issue.

One trophy in his first three years of being a manager, is a great track record, especially in a league that has been dominated by Celtic for so many years.

But this creates the question of who will want to become a temporary time-filling manager whilst Gerrard gains experience?

No top class manager worth his salt would want to be a pitstop along the way.

Imagine being told that it's a basic guarantee that you'll be replaced in two years time. What high quality manager would except those terms? Especially as you would be getting replaced by a manager with a lot less of an impressive CV.

But despite this dilemma, Liverpool have only one option in my mind, and that option is to say goodbye to Klopp whilst his reputation is still somewhat in tack and sign up Gerrard.

This move will likely result in a few trophy less years, but the club (and I don't say this lightly nor easily as a United fan) will most definitely reap the rewards later.

Sacking Klopp might not be necessary at this rate however, with reports suggesting the German may walk if that's what the fans desire.

Tschuss Klopp!


The dominos are unfortunately for Liverpool all falling into place, with the Anfield based sides hopes of finishing in the Europa League now in threat let alone their Champions League ambitions.

And with such a devastating lose, comes the blow of rejection from top quality players.

It's a connection like no other. Romeo and Juliet, Ant and Dec, Bella and Edward, Champions League and world class talent. It just fits.

So, if Liverpool failed to achieve a Champions League place this year or a European place altogether, Liverpool's own personal Brexit could be even more hard hitting than the UK's.

Recent transfer rumours have linked the club with a flurry of top class talent, as last years Premier League Champions plan their summer business in a bid to rectifying their sinking ship.

But, targets such as Kylian Mbappe would become almost null and void if such events occurred.

Liverpool currently sit 8th in the league, two points off 6th placed Tottenham. However, having played 28 games already this season, Liverpool's total number of matches played eclipses all other teams around them vying for a place in Europes elite.

If all results were to go against Liverpool, they could slip down to 10th if Arteta's Arsenal were to inflict further misery on Klopp's side in two games time.

No world class talent want to join a team in turmoil, let alone a team that isn't playing on any European stage.

Such a situation could see the days of transfer signings like Christian Benteke, Loris Karius, Ragnar Klavan or Rickie Lambert returning. An unwanted nightmare of a situation for everyone involved at the club.

Attention would soon turn to star players eyeing an exit. Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane and Virgil Van Dijk would not want to play outside of Europe, let alone alongside such a washed up bunch of Premier League talent.

In simple words, forget Mbappe.

Liverpool's issues lie deep beneath a one off season. A season of such a colossal failure would create a ripple effect of negativity.

Look to one of your closest rivals for evidence. It is in agonising pain I write this, but Manchester United's transfer pool of talent dried up quicker than an oasis in the Sahara desert, following the turmoil years the club has endured recently.

Football is a fickle game, but Liverpool know that already following their own long wait for silverware that only ended three seasons ago.


No goals scored in any of their last three home games. And only Salah has scored out of Klopp's typical starting trio of Roberto Firmino, Mane and Salah in the last eight League games.

This is worrying.

Granted Salah currently leads the goalscoring chart in the league, but that isn't a shock when he is singlehandedly carrying the attacking threat of the entire side. With a combined total of 13 goals between Mane and Firmino, Klopp's lethal attack that spearheaded their side to European glory has abandoned their boss in their hunt for back to back titles.

Correct, I said abandoned.

Forget the excuse about the defence. Your defensive injuries have been major issue yes. No disagreeing from me there, but no amount of injuries can lead to a drop in form to the attackers of this magnitude.

It's plain and simple. Tactics have grown old and players aren't backing him.

Place any other manager in Klopp's situation and everyone from the mainstream media to pundits alike will wear away the statement that the players just aren't playing for him. But are we hearing it? No.

Klopp is no different. Nobody can say those players are giving 100%. No team can go from the heights of European glory to losing home matches against Burnley and Brighton consecutively without there being an issue with the manager.

The defence excuse can only take you so far Liverpool fans.

Weakend or not, a defence of: Allison in goal, with Fabinho, Joel Matip, Andrew Robertson and Trent Alexander-Arnold, is no excuse for losing to Burnley.

More goals conceded is acceptable, but blaming them for the whole situation its absurd.

This Liverpool side won the league last year and the Champions League the year before that, all to my dismay, and now they have scored just four goals in seven games.

The attacking trio that faced the likes of Leicester, Everton and Chelsea is the same as that that started in Madrid just three years ago.

And the midfield behind that maybe spread across the defence as well as midfield, but the talent to create goals and outscore opponents like Fulham is still woven deep into the core of that Liverpool team.

Therefore, the only excuse is the man at the helm.

Klopp can no longer be protected like a child. He is a world class manager and its time he owned up to his own failures. World class strikers don't just crumble over night. They lose faith in the leader above them.

I feel sorry for Salah. He is carrying the weight of three on his shoulders and respect must be given to him there. I only hope a team like PSG, Real Madrid or Barcelona are taking note and can be his lifeboat.

Best side in the Premier League era. What a joke.