• Oliver Barefoot


Two central midfielders. Two players that play for top English clubs. Both have short hair. Both play in red. Both play in the north.

Are these twins? NO!

Don't worry, I'm not another delusional Manchester United fan. I'm not going to bore you with how I think we will win the league or sign back Ronaldo - but to be honest, if it was going to happen now seems like the time. I have common sense. I have logic to my views and I know these players aren't identical.

I mean one passes only sideways and the other was taught correctly.

I can imagine all of you Henderson and Liverpool fans right now. The red face, the glaring eyes and the same old shooting message across your brain: "Oh I've heard all this before."

So let me stop there. That was a joke. No, I'm not Jordan Henderson's biggest fan and no I don't believe he is as talented as all you cocky Liverpool fans think he is, but I can respect how crucial he is to your side.

His leadership, his determination and his love of your club.

In my opinion, he doesn't bring that X-factor talent to the changing room. He won't be a future Ballon d'Or winner. He isn't in the same skill level as the likes of Gerrard or Barcelona's Xavi.

So what does he have? Raw, pure and hell of a lot of passion.

No matter your team or your views, nobody can argue that he won't give Liverpool his absolute 110% every game. He leaves his heart on his sleeve in every match and would bleed every drop of blood from his Liverpool veins before he gave up on this team.

Similar to that of Scott McTominay.

Now yes there are differences, for starters, McTominay plays for the best club in the world and not, ugh, no I won't say the name again, don't worry United fans.

But these two players are like father and son.

The passion Henderson has for his beloved club (no idea why), is second to none, but if anyone was to rival him, for me it would have to be 24-year-old Scott McTominay.

To be a United player you must live and breathe the club. No Gareth Bale at Real Madrid with golf over league football.

The Red Devils won title after title with Sir Alex at the reigns, all because of his United through and through philosophy. To play under him, you had to be a certain type of player. You had to fit the system and be willing to give 101% every day, training or match, something I don't believe many current United players do.

Personally, too many of our players are more interested at the site of the Queen on a thin piece of plastic, then the fans using that to see them.

Example A, Paul Pogba.

(Hopefully, his agent hasn't brokered a deal with another club by the time this is published.)

Pogba is far too interested in a trip to the barbers to fully invest himself in the United way of life. Probably why Ferguson shipped him off in the first place to be honest.

We are craving more players like McTominay.

Rashford shows the same desire, as does Greenwood and so does the forgotten Odion Ighalo, who more than likely will slip out the exit door unnoticed by most fans this January, despite being the epitome of a player who loves the club.

Like that of Henderson at Liverpool, when I see McTominay in the United lineup, I know our team will have at least one bulldog on the pitch.

McTominay is strong, determined and never backs out of a challenge, recording 15 successful tackles so far this season in the league, the fourth-highest in the United team and three more than his rival Henderson.

He has also recorded the second-highest amount of league passes for a central-midfielder in a United shirt this season, mirroring that of Jordan Henderson, who sits just behind Fabinho.

However, just like Henderson, sometimes the passion for the club can lead to clumsy and heated tackles, with both players ranked within their club's top three for most fouls last season.

McTominay recorded a total of 36 fouls in the Premier League last year, just six behind the Manchester outfits top fouler Fred.

In third place for Liverpool, after accumulating a slightly better 31 fouls is Henderson, showing with age comes wisdom, something I'm sure the young Scott will learn.

Maybe if these figures prove one thing, it's that United may well already have their future club captain at the club already, which would just be another similarity between the pair.

However, all players are unique and different, and the main difference here is that one has good club taste.