• Sam Jones


Conference Premier side Wrexham A.F.C have been making headlines across the globe as Hollywood duo Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney have completed their take over of the club.

Both are world renowned actors, with McElhenney starring in famous TV show lost and Reynolds being loved by many for his portrayal of Deadpool.

So why do two stars want to buy Wrexham?

The decision to buy the club seems like a strange decision to many, but it could end up being the makings of a new force in the lower leagues of the footballing pyramid.

Reynolds and McElhenney had apparently both been keen on making the move and had been doing plenty of research on the club.

The decision could well end up being a profitable decision for the both the club and the new owners, as long as they keep their vision straight.

Upon joining, the pair didn’t shy away from setting out their long-term intensions straight away.

The Hollywood duo released a club “Missions Statement” the day they official took over as chairmen.

The pair immediately vowed to explore renovation of the clubs Racecourse Ground as well as investing into a permanent training facility for the club.

The club are currently training on a nine-acre field, however the council have plans to build a new school on the field, which would leave the club with nowhere to train.

The council have offered to lease a part of the nearby Groves school field to the club for training purposes, but a new permanent home would make more sense long term.

A new training facility would put the Red Dragons at a big advantage over the rest of the league, having a place where they can set up and call home for many years.

Versatility would be key for his however as it is likely the club would want to expand should they manage to rise the ranks, something the new owners will want to do.

Somewhere small would be ideal to start but the club will want the ability to add further training pitches, more gym areas and possibly even more over time.

The initial plans mean the facility will have 2 pitches, ones of which being 4G, as well as a building with a gym, treatment room, changing rooms and more.

This facility could cost £663,000, a massive investment for the club.

However, the newfound spotlight on the club will bring money with it.

Aside from the investments from the new owners, the club has announced Reynold’s gin company Aviation Gin as the club official gin partner and has announced limited edition Wrexham bottles of gin.

As well as this, the club will now have international interest, with people from across the globe paying to watch and engage with the club because of the new owners involvement.

Things such as shirt and merchandise sales could rocket, with all the promotion that comes with the new owners.

The long term aim for Reynold and McElhenney will undoubtedly be the Premier League.

Just like the class of 92’ are doing with Salford, the pair will hope with their deep pockets the club can climb to the top.

The climb could also see a rise in Welsh football, with more players from the area getting a chance in the higher divisions.

As it stands there are just three Welsh teams in the EFL being Cardiff City, Swansea City and Newport County.

The new owners have are also said to be looking into making a women’s team in Wrexham, as they look to build up the club.

The deal seems to be beneficial for all involved and will be exciting to watch as the story unfolds.

Don’t be surprised if we start seeing Wrexham on TV soon, with coverage likely now there’s a newfound interest in the club.