• Dominick Galicia


Recent results have truly proven the mortality of reigning English champions Liverpool. Following a significant defeat in the Premier League against Burnley and an FA Cup exit at the hands Manchester United, the Reds have faced a lot of pressure in maintaining their class. With a topsy-turvy season in hand, they will be looking to keep themselves together to regain momentum.

The biggest question in the midst of this, is Jurgen Klopp. He has been in the spotlight recently due to the seemingly unacceptable results, and some touch-line antics. With all the drama unfolding at Anfield, what are the real problems he sees in the squad and how does he go about handling these issues?

The gaffer pointed out that decision-making is a problem in their recent form. The lack of decisiveness in the dying moments of the game has cost the champions.

“It’s not that we don’t create the chances because players don’t have the ability, our decision making is the problem. The difference between a good football player and a very good football player is decision making,” Klopp said according to NBC Sports.

He was also honest about the lack of confidence for the players, especially in a time where the absence of Virgil Van Dijk is beginning to makes its gradual impact to the team. This has been evident in recent games where they have failed to keep a clean sheet.

Klopp takes the responsibility in this, saying that it was his fault things didn’t work out.

Despite all off the negativities surrounding Liverpool, the German still makes it clear that his trust in the squad remains. He does not justify their performances as of late as a reason to lack trust to his team.

“There’s no doubt about my trust. But trust doesn’t mean we are not critical of ourselves, it’s not that I say, ‘You did everything right in the last few years so now I don’t care if you made some mistakes.’ That’s not like this. We are really in the situation 100 per cent. But you don’t have to worry about us, as a group we are really together…” the manager said according to the Liverpool official website.

Despite not being top of the Premier League at the moment and crashing out of the FA Cup, Klopp is sending a clear message to the footballing world: don’t count them out. They may be a bit far from the top spot, but there is still time to make up for everything.

“We are on it. We take it really serious I can promise to everybody who is with us, we want to be as successful as possible, and that means more successful than the last few weeks, 100 percent,” quoting Klopp according to the Mirror.