• Robert Gammon


Having an opinion on the internet is difficult. Especially if it has a bit of nuance.

Twitter especially seems polarising, and you run the risk of running into ire for saying something that doesn’t easily fit into one camp or another. But I will try and share my opinion nonetheless.

I recently found out that I share my birthday with my football team’s manager and cult hero Lee Bowyer. - you can now dox me.

Most football fans will remember him for the Leeds team that did miraculous in Europe, or most likely for fighting with Kieron Dyer, his own teammate. The feisty midfielder was known for his battling performance and his temperament. But he started out as a Charlton youngster and has returned there for his first shot at management.

Until recently he had been operating with his hands behind his back and yet had managed a promotion form League One and was a point away from survival the following season, despite having ownership troubles that rival those of Wigan and Bury.

But now the chains have been set free, Lee Bowyer has had some mixed performances.

Now a lot of the vocal football fans have been expressing one of two opinions. Like Brexit, Leexit is about remain or leave.

A lot of performances have been abject and the focus on dropping deep and inviting pressure is surely infuriating and has led to conceding late on. However Charlton remain only just outside the playoffs and have had some signs of positivity.

I would like to say that Lee Bowyer has earned himself time, that as soon as he has started struggling he shouldn’t be booted out the door. But he does need to wake up to repeated mistakes and not be stuck in the same ideology that isn’t working.

So that’s my nuanced opinion. Now everyone can hate me!