• Luke Declan


Luiz Suarez was arguably the best striker to ever grace the Premier League, the little magician could do everything imaginable with a football. His ability to strike and head the ball was remarkable, his volleys were stupendous and his presence on the pitch was unprecedented, for the good and the bad.

The Uruguayan was notorious for being one of the most controversial characters the league had ever manifested. With the race involved bust-up with Manchester United full-back Patrice Evra, his well documented temper on the pitch and his temptation to use his hand on the odd occasion, the South American was no stranger to some heavy fire criticism.

For everything the man did right, he unfortunately tainted his name with all the things he did wrong. One of the most shocking stories that he managed to conjure up, was sinking his teeth into Chelsea full-back Branislav Ivanovic.

In April 2013, Liverpool faced Chelsea at Anfield, a match that would have significant implications at the top of the Barclays Premier League. With Chelsea 2-1 up, tensions were starting to rise between the two teams as Liverpool seeked an equaliser. After Sturridge tried playing Suarez in behind the opposition backline, Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic intervened and cleared the ball away from the threat of any danger. Shockingly, as this happened, Suarez sunk his teeth into the Serbians arm leaving him on the deck.

The full-back protested to the referee about the moment of madness that had just unfolded, attempting to show Andre Marriner the bite mark that had been left there. This of course was pre-VAR days so the naughty nibble went unnoticed by the officials, it probably helped Suarez’s cause that the incident was so absurd, what official would believe such a thing?

This wasn't the first time the striker's carnivorous intentions were revealed, he couldn't resist the temptations in the Netherlands too. With his time at Ajax in the Eredivisie, he also bit a PSV player in a league game, unbelievable!

The Liverpool man, who scored 30 goals in 2012/13 prior to the bite, was nominated for PFA player of the year award. It's a shame that a player with such immense talent has a tendency for such naivety.

He was fined by Liverpool, banned for 10 games by the FA and was forced to publicly apologise to his victim, promising that he would never do anything like that again, and we all know how that turned out Luiz!