• Oliver Barefoot


In the wise words of that now-famous fan from Arsenal Fan TV, Mikel Arteta, 'has to go blud'.

Take a look at the league, look at their position (12th). You don't need to be a football expert to know things aren't going well. Well, that's putting it politely.

If I was to be honest, I think this season has been a car crash. A crash where you go full speed into a flat wall. The bonnet is now inside the car, the airbag maker's time wasted and the car is now more like a scrap piece of metal than a vehicle. And just when you think the dust has settled, a lorry ploughs straight through the heart of the metallic mess.

Reflecting the light off the floor is the left-wing mirror, the only evidence a car ever passed through.

The only difference is Mikel Arteta will have an FA Cup trophy to be remembered by, not just a shattered piece of glass.

And yes, many will say give him time, but haven't Arsenal fans been waiting long enough?

So far, Mikel Arteta has managed 29 Premier League games in charge of the Gunners, winning just 13 and losing nine.

That's a 44% win ratio. Not the type of figures you want to see for a so-called 'top 6' club, or a team with title ambitions.

In comparison to the man everyone loves to threaten the sack with, Ole Gunnar Solsjaer accumulated 46 points in his first 28 league games, while it has taken Arteta 29.

Therefore, how can people hang the United boss out to dry, claiming he isn't good enough for a top side, but defend Arsenals struggling boss.

A boss, that has had more time coaching at footballs elite clubs than his rival, but has still managed a worse points return.

And just when you thought the rabbit hole of failure couldn't get any worse, you are brought to the attention that Mikel Arteta's side has failed to score a goal from open play in their past five Premier League games.

With only a total of nine goals so far this season, Arteta has now guided his side to a record-breaking club low, with nine being the lowest tally of goals scored after nine games since 1986/87 (six).

Now is not the time for Arsenal to get sentimental and back a former club captain, but instead jump ship.

They took a gamble and it didn't work.

It's time for him to go back to the shadow he came from and try and help Pep get back to winning ways.