• Matthew Key


With Christmas just around the corner, let's have a look at which football players could be on Santa's naughty and nice list this year.

Nice - Marcus Rashford

Rashford isn't just on the nice list, he's at the top of it. The Manchester United forward has been helping others all year by fighting to give less-fortunate children free school meals and even managed to overturn the government's decision.

Not only has he delivered those meals and helped with kids education by starting a book club, n some ways he has done more than Santa himself. He has already been given an OBE this year and he definitely deserves a new PS5 for all he has done in 2020.

Naughty - Harry Maguire

Another Manchester United player but unlike Rashford it hasn't been the best year for Harry Maguire on or off the pitch. On it his defending at times has been questionable at best. Off the pitch he got in trouble on holiday in Greece by being kicked out of a nightclub and then resisted arrest from the police.

Maguire also attempted to bribe the police and reportedly said "do you know who I am", never a good thing to say. Maguire is nicknamed slab head and he may expect to find a brick in his stocking.

Nice - Victor Lindelof

From a player fighting the police to one doing their job for them. Manchester United defender demonstrated his defensive skills when at home in Sweden. He caught a robber who had stolen an old lady's purse and returned it to the owner.

Lindelof’s act was praised by Swedish police and he was called a 'hero' by the woman. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was also delighted as one of his defenders was in the headlines for the right reasons.

Naughty - Jack Grealish

While at times he has dazzled on the pitch, off the pitch Jack Grealish hasn't covered himself in glory. He broke lockdown rules by attending a friends party and managed to crash his Range Rover in the process. He was also pictured the next morning looking slightly worse for wear dressed casually and wearing sliders on his feet.

Perhaps the worst part was that Grealish had posted a video the day before urging people to follow government guidelines. This made Grealish’s apology video afterwards even more embarrassing. Maybe that's why Gareth Southgate doesn't like him.

Nice - Troy Deeney

Not always the most popular footballer, Troy Deeney's acts this year have been commendable. The Watford captain opted against returning to training, putting his family’s health and safety above his desire to return to football.

Deeney was criticised for not training by claims it was for financial reasons but he then spoke openly about his concerns which led to others following his example.

Naughty - Aberdeen FC

Its not been a great season so far for Aberdeen who sit fourth in the Scottish Premiership behind Rangers, Hibs and Celtic. They were also involved in a big scandal earlier this year when eight of their players went to a pub, breaching the coronavirus guidelines.

They were even told off by Scottish ministers Nicola Sturgeon who threatened to shut down Scottish Football, giving the SPFL a “final warning”.