• Dominick Galicia


Going winless in the last three Premier League games, Chelsea are on the brink of being non-contenders for the title this season though they are only seven points away from the top.

With a weigh of expectations from the fanbase and the board, all the pressure is on manager and club legend Frank Lampard to make things happen at Stamford Bridge. After spending big in the summer transfer window, many would see the Blues beyond many expected. But at the moment, it is not the case.

Drawing against Aston Villa and losing devastatingly against Arsenal and Manchester City was the beginning of an unease situation around the fanbase. Many radical fans who wish for titles want him to be sacked because of his unorthodox approach in positioning his players that allegedly led to such ugly results. On the other hand, some say that he should be given time with all the new names in the squad still adjusting to the system.

From here lies the greatest question for Chelsea: What is more important, progress or glory?

Surely, Lampard is no stranger to the constant sacking of managers following poor performances. From his years of playing at the Bridge, he knows the ups and downs of life at Chelsea. Satisfying Roman Abramovich and the board surely is a big load to carry. And now, he faces the pressure his former bosses experienced.

The Athletic reported that Lampard’s job is “under serious threat” after their 3-1 defeat against Manchester City. They also reported that the Chelsea dressing room is divided on the Lampard dilemma.

With all the speculations looming about his time at the Bridge, the Chelsea gaffer insists that he feels no pressure at all. Here’s his take on the matter as reported by CBS Sports:

"I expected periods of difficulty this year. I said it when we beat Leeds. I know it doesn't come easy... A month ago, people were saying when was I going to get a new contract. The pressure remains constant in this job. You know in tough moments that will be there. My job is to keep working and lift the players”.

LampardIn versus LampardOut is the trend nowadays amongst Chelsea fans. Why is this? It is because many Chelsea fans have been used to title wins instantly within one year of the manager’s appointment. This also comes when new players come in the squad. In a time under Lampard’s reign, maybe the mindset should change.

Sure, there may be a big possibility that Lampard will be axed, but it is still a fact that there lies a great room for progress. After all, there will always be two sides of the coin to look at. Maybe in the running, the Blues will be able to pull off something no matter what happens in the next few days.