• Robert Gammon


A lot of terrible things have come about due to the Covid-19 epidemic. A lot of already worrying issues have come to forefront or been exacerbated due to the horrible circumstances the world has found itself in.

Just in the football world alone we have seen many smaller clubs falter due to the unequal football pyramids they find themselves in. But one thing Covid-19 has also knocked a bit askew is the Premier League, and arguably for the better.

For the first time in a while the Premier League has been really unpredictable. The results this year are consistently inconsistent. This has made games much more appealing to the neutral fan.

While the immense skill of Liverpool’s front three of the last few years, and the possession game of Guardiola’s City has been unequivocally enjoying. My short attention span wanted a bit more.

This has been provided this year with no singular team, really running away with the league, which has made most games a lot more of a tug of war, a real contest.

This competitiveness has been amiss for a good few years, only a few games, such as Man City vs Liverpool, really intrigued the average fan.

The only real disappointment is the bottom of the table, with Sheffield United and Burnley in particular really not turning up and being a bit of a sure thing to lose.

All in all, however, I have started getting back into top tier football again, if only for the uncertainty of it all.