• Sam Collins


It is a fair judgement to make that some of Chelsea’s summer signings have not quite made the impact at Stamford Bridge that many expected.

The one who has been largely criticised throughout the season would be Timo Werner, having missed multiple easy chances.

After coming off the back of an incredible couple of years at RB Leipzig in the Bundesliga and a hefty £50million price tag, the pressure he faced was always going to be immense.

It looks as though he has struggled to cope with this, and it has dramatically affected his confidence, particularly in front of goal.

In more recent weeks however, under the leadership of Thomas Tuchel, it is fair to say he is becoming more of key player for the blues.

You cannot take away from the fact that he is missing chances he should score, but there are some good positives to be taken from his recent performances.

A lot more of the play does seem to go through him, and even when he is not scoring, he is finding ways to help the team.

Since Frank Lampard’s departure there does seem to be more about the young German forward who is making himself more of a danger to oppositions defences.

He has been directly involved in a lot of the goals scored by Tuchel’s Chelsea, winning penalties, picking up assists and finally breaking his duck against Newcastle United.

The 25-year-old is obviously a talented player, the pressure just really seems to have got to him so far.

This season he has managed a total of ten goals and nine assists in 37 appearances, which to his credit is not an awful return.

If he does want to be the man to lead Chelsea forward however, there needs to be an improvement.

Because of the number of relatively easy chances, he should have put away, whenever he is spoken about, this is what is mentioned rather than the good things he has done for the team.

It is understandable of course, as in most cases in the modern era it is the negatives that are focused on.

Despite the fact he has not got off to the best of starts at Chelsea, there is still time for him to settle in and find his feet.

The run in to the end of the season is going to be an important part of his career, as progression will have to be continued in order to prove doubters of his potential wrong.

In the Premier League he has not reached the numbers that many would of hoped and expected he could of, but it is always going to be difficult for a player to instantly adjust to a new league and environment.

The main positive that must be taken from his missed chances, is that although he has failed to convert, he is getting himself into the right positions.

It would be much more of a concern for him and Tuchel if he was struggling to get involved and make his way into dangerous positions.

Similarly, as mentioned earlier, some of his teammates have also struggled to adjust.

The most noticeable being Kai Havertz and Hakim Ziyech.

As much as Chelsea fans were hopeful all these players would hit the ground running, there has evidently been a lot of difficult moments for the new players.

Last night, there was of course a bit of a breakthrough performance from Havertz, with his shot deflecting in off Ben Godfrey and earning his side a penalty.

Hopefully for Chelsea, the performances we are beginning to see from these players are only the beginning and that they can continue to grow from this.

From this point onwards, it is vital to keep up the good performances, and there is no point in giving up on these evidently talented players.

Werner will be hoping to close out the season with more goals and will be wanting to help the team to success in Europe and domestically as well.