• Kieran Horn


Jose Mourinho rapidly strutting his way down the tunnel following a sprinting Eric Dier in Tuesday night’s Carabao cup fixture, left all fans watching at home in complete shock and awe as to what they were watching. 

It was a very peculiar moment in a rather dull game as far as London derbies go. 

A few minutes after his disappearance, Dier re-emerged from the tunnel looking slightly lighter than when he left. To fans' confusion, Dier then rejoined his teammates on the pitch and completed the game, even scoring his penalty which helped Spurs reach the quarter-finals. 

Many were left asking questions as to what exactly went on in the Spurs dressing room between Dier and Mourinho, but the defender summed it up perfectly in his post-match interview stating “when you’ve got to go you’ve got to go” and he’s absolutely right. One thing we know for certain is he definitely isn’t the first and he certainly won’t be the last as a few others can probably tell you. 

Puncheon his ticket to the restroom

In the second half of Southampton’s fixture against Everton in January 2013, it looked like the Saints were making a double substitution in order to try and force a winner. However, in an odd turn of events, one of the players coming back on was Jason Puncheon, a player who’d started the game. Leaving fan’s inside St Mary’s stadium wondering exactly where the Englishman had gone. 

But the answer came soon enough, as chants began echoing around the stadium suggesting that he’d gone to the bathroom mid-game, the wry smile of the attacker showed he was definitely guilty.

Nature is on the phone Gary

Despite scoring 48 times for his country, Match of The Day presenter Gary Lineker’s most talked-about moment in an England shirt came when he went to the toilet on the pitch. 

During the opening game of the 1990 World Cup, Lineker can be seen messing around with his shorts while also rubbing the ground beneath him.

Lineker finally opened up about the incident during an interview with the BBC marking his 50th birthday.

"The ball went down the left-hand side, I did try to tackle someone, I stretched and then I relaxed myself. I was very fortunate it rained that night and I could do something about it,” said Lineker.

That’s not what I meant by a warm-up!

DeMarcus Beasley didn’t have much of an impact during his very short stint in the Premier League with Manchester City. However, the US international definitely left his mark during the 2002 World cup, quite literally.

Whilst warming up to come on for the USA against Mexico, Beasley decided it would be better to relieve himself on the side of the pitch as opposed to heading into the changing rooms, exposing himself to everyone watching both at home and in the stadium.

Sent off for indecent exposure?

While Salford have been in the headlines over recent years climbing up the football pyramid,   back in their 2017 National League North game against Bradford they were in the headlines for a very different reason. 

Ammies keeper Max Crocombe made the odd decision to take a leak three minutes before the end of the game and not where you’d think. If it wasn’t strange enough not keeping it in for the final three minutes, Crocombe decided to skip the toilet and use the side of a stand.  It will come as no surprise, that his actions resulted in a straight red card for the stopper.  

It got even worse for the keeper following the game, as a spectator made an official complaint suspending the player for three matches, with the police very nearly getting involved as well.